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A listserv is an email list management system. LISTSERV is the name of the product offered by the company L-soft.  Anyone can be a subscriber to a list, including people not associated with the University of Georgia. UGA Students, faculty, staff and recognized student organizations may request a list on the LISTSERV system.  LISTSERV offers email lists that are announcement-only and discussion groups that may be moderated or unmoderated.  LISTSERV allows list owners to manage their lists, including adding or removing subscribers, via the UGA LISTSERV website or by email. 

LISTSERV offers the following:

  • Moderated lists
  • Ability for users to self-subscribe or unsubscribe to lists
  • Ability to include non-University of Georgia subscribers
  • Online archives of messages posted to lists, if selected
  • Ability for list owners to manage their lists
  • Ability to share your list publicly, if selected

A complete list of available functionality can be found here.  The University is on version 16.0.

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