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Connecting game consoles to the wired network

Gaming consoles are unable to connect to the wireless networks on campus, but wired connections are available in all the residence halls. Below are the steps to get connected with a wired connection/Ethernet cable

  1. Request a port activation. You will receive an email letting your know your port has been activated. Then you can proceed to the next step. 

  2. Find the Wired/LAN MAC address. You need this when you register the device on

    Many game consoles require an internet connection to complete their initial setup and device registration on

    It is often not possible to complete the device registration process if this is the case.  Please connect your game console up at home and completing the initial setup on before bringing the device to campus.

  3. Register your gaming console on
  4. Connect the game console to the wall port using a Ethernet cord.

If you still have issues connecting, please submit a Housing Network Support ticket.

How to find your MAC address

PlayStation 4 MAC Address

Xbox One MAC Address

PlayStaion 3 MAC Address

Wii MAC Address

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