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Follow these steps to log in to the VPN:

1. Start your VPN client which should look like the below image.

2. Enter "" in the blank box and then select "Connect" to go to the login screen.

a. On ChromeBook/mobile devices, select Add a new connection. Name the connection and enter "" as the server address.  Save. Then switch the connection to On to go to the login screen.

3. In the login screen, leave Group as "01 Default" unless specifically required to use 02 Restricted from the drop down
4. Enter you MyID and password for Username and Password
5. In the Second Password field, enter your authentication method of choice. You can enter a passcode from text or the Duo mobile app or entering "push" will send a Push Notification to you phone/tablet, "phone" will have Duo call you phone, and "sms" will send a new list of passcodes to use.


If you are using a secondary Duo device, add the number "2" after the words phone, push, or sms to have the action apply to that device.  e.g. Enter "phone2" to call the secondary device or "phone3" for a tertiary device, etc

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