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New Look for CAS

Starting July 15, 2017, UGA's Central Authentication Service (CAS) will have a new look. CAS is the service that requires users to type their MyID and password in order to access specified UGA sites. Preview this major visual change at:


Account Creation / Removal:

I am a student. How do I receive a MyID?

Students enrolling after the Fall 2014 semester have MyID usernames automatically assigned. You will have received your MyID username after applying to the University of Georgia. They are in the format of your initials followed by five digits (e.g. Adam John Smith would be ajs12345). This information will be sent to the e-mail address you provided on your University application.

I am a Faculty or Staff member. How do I receive a MyID?


Please use Mozilla Firefox or Internet Explorer for this process.

MyIDs for new faculty and staff members are assigned and include the employee’s initials and five random digits (example: gwb12345).

The form for requesting an employee MyID requires authentication through UGA’s Central Authentication Service (CAS). New employees and others without MyIDs are not able to request a MyID for themselves.

New University employees who need MyIDs should contact their manager or HR representative and have them follow the instructions below to request a MyID.

For HR representatives and managers requesting MyIDs for new employees:

  1. Visit
  2. Click on "Faculty, staff, transfer student and other" under "Request a MyID."
  3. If you are not already logged into CAS, you will be taken to the CAS log-in page.
  4. After you have logged in to CAS with your MyID and password, you will be able to access the Request a MyID form.
  5. Fill out every required field (entries with asterisks). You will be prompted to enter the new employee's UGA Card Number (starts with 810 or 811 and omitting the last digit) and the new employee's date of birth in MM/DD/YYYY format. 
  6. Enter the new employee's email address as the alternate email address. This will be the email address the MyID will be sent to, and should not be an UGA email address. 
  7. Finally, click finish. Once the MyID request has been successfully completed, the new employee will be informed of this by an email from, sent to the email address provided on the form. The HR representative or manager requesting the MyID will also receive a confirmation/verification email when the MyID has been assigned. 

How do I find the UGA ID for brand new staff members?

A personnel should be filed by the HR for this individual prior to requesting the MyID. If you need to generate a UGA ID for this individual, please see the following document:

How do I create a MyID for my department or student organization?

In order to create a MyID for your Department or Organization, the individual responsible for the account will need to fill out the online form available on the MyID website. This form is only available to faculty and staff members; if you are a student requesting a Organizational MyID, please have your faculty adviser do the following:

  1. Head to the MyID Website.
  2. Click on Departmental MyID under the heading "Request MyID"
  3. Log in with your MyID and password.
  4. Fill out all required fields in the form.

Once the form is filled out, it can take up to 2 - 3 business days for the new account to be created.

Note: If you do not have access to this form and you are a current UGA Faculty and Staff member, please contact us.

How do I create a MyID for Visiting Scholars?

Departmental HR representatives should first make sure that the Visiting Researcher/Scholar procedures have been followed to register the visitor. They will also need to obtain a UGA Card number for the visitor (starts with 810 or 811 and omitting the last digit).

Once these procedures have been completed, follow the steps for obtaining a faculty or staff MyID


How do I get MyIDs for my summer camp or youth clinic?

Effective May 23, 2017, EITS will no longer issue MyIDs for youth participating in summer camps at UGA. MyIDs are intended for UGA students, faculty and staff. A MyID gives an individual access to many UGA web services and the campus network, most of which are not licensed for use by individuals other than University students, faculty, and staff. A guest for a summer camp typically does not need this type of access to these types of technology services.

Summer camp participants may continue to use the guest wireless network, which does not require a MyID. 

I'm a retired faculty/staff at UGA. How do I create a MyID?

If you are retired and would like a MyID account, please fill out the Staff request form (instructions above) and coordinate with your department for approval.

How do I request the removal/deletion of a MyID of Faculty/Staff that is no longer at UGA?

MyID accounts will be automatically disabled once the terminating personnel is submitted.



Why can't I log in with my brand new MyID account?

After creating a new MyID account, follow these steps to gain access to MyID websites:

  1. Required - Log in to: MyID website and answer the secret question and answer pairs that appear.
    • Your UGAMail account will not be provisioned until approximately 2 hours after answering these questions.
  2. If you still cannot login to MyID websites, change your MyID password here. Select the "Change your password" option.

When submitting the password change, if logging in does not work after waiting 15 minutes, please contact the EITS Help Desk at 706-542-3106.



MyID Passwords and Secret Questions:


I just changed my password, why can't I login?

MyID Password changes can take up to 15 minutes to start working on all MyID websites.



I'm having trouble logging in to a MyID service, what should I do?

  1. Make sure the service you are trying to access asks for a MyID username and password. Some UGA websites and services do not use MyID credentials.
  2. Try logging in to other MyID websites to see if your password works there. See the MyID article for a list of services that use MyID authentication. If you cannot access any other MyID services, please try updating your password (See How do I change my MyID password?).
  3. If changing the password does not fix the issue, or you cannot remember your password, please call the Help Desk at 706-542-3106. You can also try using the "Forgot your password" option at the MyID website.
  4. If your MyID request was approved and created today, please set up your MyID Profile, then wait at least 24 hours to access any service. Some services may not be ready until 24 hours after account creation.



How do I change my MyID password?

You will need to know your current password in order to change it using the below procedure:

  1. Go to:
  2. Click on "Change your password" under "MyID Management" on the left.
  3. Log in using your current MyID and Password.
  4. Select "Change Password" in the left menu.
  5. You will be prompted again for your old (current) password before filling out and confirming your new password.
    • Note: Password changes can take up 15 minutes to take effect.



I forgot my MyID password, what do I do?

If you have answered your Secret Question and Answer responses or filled out your MyID Profile, you may reset it on the MyID website:

  1. Head to the MyID Profile Management website here.
  2. Type in your MyID username into the MyID field. If you do not know what this is, please Contact the EITS Help Desk.
  3. Fill in the Verify Human field with the words or numbers shown in the image above.
  4. Depending on your preferences set in your MyID Profile, you can perform one of the following tasks:
    1. Answer two of your Secret Question and Answers.
    2. Receive a code through your cell phone that you must enter into a form (Form can be found here).
    3. Receive a code through your alternate email address that you must enter into a form (Form can be found here).
  5. Enter and confirm a new password.

If you do not have your MyID profile filled out, or you cannot reset your password on your own, please Contact the EITS Help Desk.



I forgot the answers to the MyID secret questions, what do I do?

To reset your secret questions:

  1. Go to the MyID Profile Management website here.
  2. Log in with your MyID username and password
  3. Click on "Manage Profile" on the left side, then click on "Your Secret Questions" under Step 1.
  • If you have forgotten your MyID password, please call the Help Desk at 706-542-3106 or use the "Forgot your password" option.



What are the MyID password requirements for a "strong" password?

MyID passwords must contain at least 8 characters. They must also contain at least 1 or more Special Characters.



I am still having problems with changing my password. What should I do?

Call the Helpdesk at 706-542-3106, or submit a web request to the Help Desk and let us know more details about the problems you are experiencing.



When should I change my MyID password?

Your MyID password expires every 6 months, but it can be changed at any time by clicking on "Change your password" under "MyID Management" at:

MyID Website


Why do I have to change my MyID password every 6 months?

The UGA password policy requires periodic MyID password changes. All UGA MyID passwords are held to the standards in that policy. The UGA password policy can be found at:



My password has expired. What should I do?

  1. Go to:
  2. Click on "Change Password" in the left column.
  3. Log in with your expired password.
  4. Confirm your old password, then assign yourself a new password and click Change Password.

If the expired password does not allow you access into the above website, please call the EITS Help Desk at 706-542-3106.


Why is my password not working even though I just changed it?

MyID password changes can take anywhere from 15 minutes up to an hour to propagate throughout each different service (UGAMail, eLC, etc). If your new password fails to work an hour after changing it, please submit a web request to the Help Desk or give us a call at 706-542-3106.



I would like some advice in creating my new password, what do you suggest?

If you are having troubles thinking of a MyID password that will meet the requirements, try taking your old password and inserting different kinds of Special Characters throughout. If you had a password that did not meet the strong password requirements, try adding numbers or punctuation to make it at least 8 characters in length.



MyID Account Information Changes:


Can I change my MyID username?

No, but you may change your UGA email address. This can be done online.

  1. Head to
  2. Click on "Change UGAMail Address" in the left column.
  3. Log in with your current MyID & password.
  4. Click on the button entitled "Create New Email." If you have already changed your alias in the past, click the "Edit" text to the last entry in the list.
  5. Type in the address as you would like it to appear in the "New UGAMail Address" field. Concerning this address:
    • It may contain small letters and numbers, but cannot be all numbers.
    • It can contain one period but no other symbols (e.g. ,:@!).
    • It must be at least two and a maximum of 30 characters in length.


I have changed my name. How do I change the first/last/middle name that appears in the MyID and eLC system?

Change of name information for students should go directly to the Registrar's Office (706-542-3106). Faculty/Staff must file a personnel report through their Human Resources representative in their department.


MyID-Related Questions:


How long do I keep my email account after I graduate/leave UGA?


  • All students are guaranteed use of their MyIDs for 12 months after leaving the University, for whatever reason (graduation, transfer, etc). After those 12 months are up, your MyID will be scheduled for deletion during the next MyID deletion process.
  • If you are leaving UGA, we urge you to make arrangements with a 3rd party e-mail provider (such as Gmail, yahoo, or Hotmail), and forward any important emails accordingly.


  • UGA Faculty and Staff member MyID accounts have no guarantees attached to them. Once an individual leaves UGA for another job, their MyID will be disabled automatically.
  • Sometimes departments will request that an ex-employee's MyID be terminated immediately. These requests are handled case-by-case and require verification in order to process.

Retired Faculty/Staff:

  • Retired Faculty/Staff MyIDs are permanent.


How do I get a UGA Alumni e-mail account?

  • The UGA Almuni Association is no longer offering alumni e-mail accounts


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