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This brief tutorial is an introduction to sharing mail folders with another individual.


  1. Log into your UGAMail account.
  2. Under the folder view column in the left side of the window, right click on your inbox, then choose "Permissions"
  3. Click on "the plus symbol in the upper left"
  4. In the "Add Permissions" search box, type in the name of the UGAMail user you wish to share your inbox with. Select their name, then click "Add"
  5. You may add multiple users with step 4. When done, click "Ok."
  6. Highlight the user(s) you have added in the list, and choose the permission level you will like for them to have.
    • In order for a user to read messages, under "Read," choose "Full Details"
    • Under "Write," selecting Create Items will allow them to compose and store messages in this folder. "Edit Own" and "Edit All" will allow editing of their composed messages and any message in the folder, respectively.
    • With the "Delete Items" heading, choose "Own" if you would allow this user to delete their own messages, while "All" will give them free reign to delete any message in your inbox.
  7. Click "OK."
  8. Please see the companion video "Opening a Shared Inbox in Outlook Web App" for instructions on how an individual can open this shared folder through UGAMail webmail.

Opening a Shared Inbox

Note: You must be granted permission to at least view another person's inbox before you can open one. The video "Sharing Your Inbox with Another User" will demonstrate how this can be done.

  1. Log into your UGAMail account.
  2. Right click on your name under the left folder list
  3. Choose Open Other User's Inbox
  4. Type in the individual's email address.
    • Their inbox will appear in a separate group beneath your mailbox.
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