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What is is an online learning resource with video tutorials covering business, technology and creative topics for people to improve their professional and personal skills. is a LinkedIn company. Popular courses include those in HTML, Excel, WordPress, marketing and PhotoShop. 

Visitors can learn topics from entire courses or select shorter videos on specific functions. Videos are typically 2-5 minutes each and courses may range from a few minutes to several hours. also allows visitors to select multiple courses as part of a learning path, such as digital marketing, web developer and project manager. 

Who Can Access

This service is free for UGA students, faculty and staff members with a valid MyID account.

How Do I Access is available on the the MyUGA Portal:

  1. Go to
  2. Log in with your MyID and MyID password.
  3. Click on the "" icon

How Do I Log in Through iOS/Android App?

1) Download app
2) Choose "already a member?"
3) Choose "Organization"
4) Scroll down to Web Portal -> type in ""
5) Sign on through CAS
6) Redirects to app, hit "accept" and complete setting

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