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How do I create an account?

Simply log in at with your MyID and your MyID password. You will receive a phone call or push notification to your Duo-enrolled device. Your account will be created automatically upon first logging in.

For more information about using Duo and ArchPass, or to enroll a device, visit

What's the largest file I can send?

You can send secure messages with the total attachment size of 2GB. That means many small files that can add up to 2GB or one big 2GB file.

So if I can send large files, does that take up space in my UGAMail mailbox?

No, all messages and attachments sent through the SendFiles service never make it to your UGAMail mailbox, Inbox or Sent Items. The only items that go to your UGAMail mailbox are the notification messages, which are very small.

My secure messages are sitting in my MoveIT Outbox. Why aren't they sending?

Right click on the MoveIT task bar icon in the the bottom right hand corner and click on Pending Transfers. If you have pending transfers, then right click on the icon again and click Configuration. Verify that all your settings are correct and re-type in your MyID password. If this does not remedy the issue, please make sure that you do have access to the Internet as well. If you do, please contact the EITS Help Desk for further assistance.

Can I send a secure message or a file to (or receive one from) someone without a UGAMail email address?

Yes, you can. To send a message, simply address the email message to the person of your choice. They will be notified at that email address and will have a temporary account set up for them to access your message or files.

If you want to have someone from a non-UGA email address send you a file, you must first send them a message through SendFiles so that a temporary account can be made for them. Once that is done, they will be able to log into and send files from SendFiles.

All of the messages and files that I've sent and received have disappeared from my SendFiles mailbox folder. Where did they go and can I get them back?

All of the messages and files sent by you and received by you are stored in your SendFiles mailbox folders for up to 30 days. This is not a setting that can be changed. The messages and files can not be restored. If you need to keep a message or a file longer than 30 days, you will need to download it and upload it to your Home folder to permanent storage.

 How big is my Home folder? How much can I keep there?

  • The folder size quota on your Home folder (which includes all subfolders) is 2GB. You can keep as many files and folders there as you wish as long as they are under 2GB total.

What if I need more space?

  • Departments can request additional folder space through the Office of Information Security, if it's deemed necessary for the storage of sensitive information. Requests can be addressed to the EITS Help Desk. Individual accounts can not be granted additional space in their Home folders. If a department needs additional storage space, there are other options available. Please contact the EITS Help Desk for more information on these offerings.

I just changed my MyID and all of my files are gone. Can I get them back?

  • Please contact the EITS Help Desk, and we can make the appropriate changes to your SendFiles account so that you may have access to your files again.

Why am I not able to send to a UGA recipient? I've been able to send messages to this person in the past.

The recipient's account may be inactive in SendFiles. Please contact the recipient via UGAMail or by phone and ask for them to contact the EITS Help Desk to resolve this issue with their account in SendFiles.

Other Known Issues

  1. If you encounter a problem when sending to a UGAMail email address, please try typing the recipient's email address in the To field rather than adding them from the Outlook Global Address Book or your Auto-Complete. This is a known issue that is currently being worked on by the product provider.
  2. Microsoft Office applications might freeze or become unresponsive if you utilize the Send and Save option under File. This is because the MoveIT Attach File program is hidden in the background. Minimize your programs and cancel out of the MoveIT Attach File program to continue.
  3.  The error message:
    "Not allowed to send to any recipients matching 'xxxxx'" (where xxxxx is username)" will be produced if a user is trying to send from a temporary account.  According to the sendfiles team: "Temporary user accounts are not allowed to send messages with SendFiles. This is how the system is configured to work and changing the configuration cannot be done without granting all temporary users the ability to send messages with SendFiles."
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