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What is SendFiles?

SendFiles is an encrypted file service offered by EITS to securely share sensitive documents and larger files online.

To download the Sendfiles Wizard on a Mac, it may be necessary to add "" to the safe sites list in the Java Security Panel under System Preferences>Java>Security>Edit Sites.

How do I access SendFiles?

SendFiles is available at

  • If you have a UGA MyID, you should use your MyID and MyID password to login.
  • If you do not have a UGA MyID, you should use the link that you were sent to access the service initially to set up a password. After that initial access, you should use your email address and the password that you setup to access the system. Non-MyID accounts will expire 7 days after their last activity and deleted 7 days after expiration.


What is SecureReports?

SecureReports is the reports side of SendFiles--this service was split off from the standard SendFiles product for systems with scripts that generate nightly, weekly, or monthly reports for collaboration with other departments or systems. There is no inbox/messaging or file transfers for this service, only reporting.

It may be helpful to think of SendFiles as the end user service, while SecureReports is the service for administrators.


How do I Access SecureReports?

Secure Reports is available at


This service requires an Archpass and Soft Token to access.

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