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You can change your password as often as you like by going to the RACF Password Change Form or by logging into IMS through Hummingbird which can be downloaded from the UGA Site Licensed Software web page page

If you are trying to login to one of the web applications (ie: ePayroll, WebDFS or Arrow), and your password has expired or you have had your password reset, you MUST click on the link "Change your UGA IMS/TSO password" to change your password BEFORE you try logging in to the application. (this link is located below where the page is requesting your userid and current password)

Guidelines for Passwords:Your password MUST be between 6-8 characters. Use only letters, numbers and the special chars @, #, $ (shift 2,3 and 4) The first character must be a letter. Your new password cannot be one that you have used as one of the last 8 passwords.