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EITS is in the planning stages of upgrading the university’s listserv service. Once the upgrade is completed, list owners can expect changes to the look, feel and features of the listserv service.

This upgrade is currently scheduled for May 21, 2021.

More details, such as changes and enhancements to key features, training materials, and FAQs will be provided later this month.

Look and Feel Changes 

EITS teams will be configuring the new system throughout the spring and more details about the new interface will be shared as this work progresses.

Example page of the current Listserv website:

Example page of the new Listserv website (subject to change):

New login screen with three options to chose what to login as:

Search public archived lists and register by selecting the > to the right of Listserv on the login screen.

Logging in as a Subscriber, you will go to the below window where you can subscribe or unsubscribe to a list or change subscription settings:

Logging in as a List Owner, you will be taken to the below screen where the list can be managed:

Logging in as Server Administrator, you will have the option to select List Management and Subscribers Corner along with the server administrator:

Options to edit your profile or log out can be accessed by selecting your username in the top right-hand corner:

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