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After the October 31st UGAMail update, Mac users have reported issues connecting Mac Mail to their UGAMail account.  These issues have included not being able to sign in, and having the UGAMail account disappear.  

If you need assistance please contact us by phone or chat so that we may walk you through these steps.

What to do:

This is due to a bug in the Apple Keychain system.  The below steps detail how to clean your keychain and disable it's connection with your iCloud account.  You must follow all steps below before re-adding the UGAMail account.

This will disable Keychain for this device. This means that Keychain passwords will not sync to other iCloud connected devices.

Confirm your Mac is on MacOS Mojave:

1) Click the apple logo on the top left of your desktop screen.

2) Choose About this Mac.

3) It should state you are on macOS Mojave like the image below:

4) If you are not on the correct version, please click here to get to the Apple support page.

Disable keychain for your iCloud account:

1) Go to system preferences and choose iCloud.

2) Scroll down until you find keychain and remove the checkbox.

3) On the window that pops up, choose keep on this Mac.

Clear your keychain of any Outlook credentials:

1) Open up Spotlight search by pressing cmd + space bar on your keyboard and search for Keychain Access.

2) Using the search bar in the top right corner, search for the following terms and delete any results:

  • Microsoft
  • Outlook
  • Office

If you have other Microsoft products on your device you may be prompted to log back in after completing this step.

Add your UGAMail account to Mac Mail:

1) Go back to system preferences.

2) Choose Internet Accounts.

3) If the UGAMail account is already listed remove it now by selecting it and pressing the minus button on the bottom left of the screen.  If there are any other Exchange accounts listed, please remove those now also.

4) Now press the plus button on the bottom left of the screen.

5) Add the UGAMail account as an Exchange account.  Do not do a manual setup!  It will not work.

6) Do the same for any additional Exchange accounts you may have removed.

It can take several hours for the inbox to rebuild in Mac Mail depending on the amount of items in the account.

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