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How to add the UGA Holidays Calendar:

It may take several minutes for your calendar to update after applying these settings.

Desktop App Instructions:

1.Select the calendar icon in the bottom left of your screen. Once your calendar comes up you will select the Open Calendar Icon. In the drop-down window You may select From Address book or Open Shared Calendar.

2. After choosing Address book or Open Shared Calendar the below window will come up. In the search pane type in UGA Holidays and then select go or press enter. Click on the calendar once it shows up. Here you can see it highlighted in blue. Select the calendar icon in the bottom left followed by the ok to the right.

3. You will now see the UGA Holidays Calendar under your shared calendars section. The Calendar must have a check beside it for you to view it.

OWA Instructions:

1.Select the calendar icon on the top left of the screen followed by Add Calendar. 

2. Select add from directory and the search for the UGA Holidays calendar.

3. Select which Calendar group you’d like the calendar to reside, and click Add

Outlook for Mac:

1.From the Calendar tab, hover over your address to reveal the … options

2. Click on the … and select ‘Add Shared Calendar…’

3. Search ‘UGA Holidays’, select the account and click ‘Open’

Outlook app on iOS and Android Instructions:

1.Once you have your Outlook app opened, select the calendar icon and then the left menu.

2. Tap the add calendar button.

3. Select Add Shared Calendars

4. Search for the UGA Holidays Calendar and click the add button.

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