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After January 19, 2023, the Archpass Duo prompt will change for UGAMail and Office 365 when logging in off-campus.  On-campus login to UGAMail/Offce365, which does not require Duo, will not change.  The new Duo Universal Prompt will automatically pick the most secure option for authentication based on your enrolled devices.  The Duo Universal Prompt will look like:

A prompt to check for a Duo Push notification.

You can stop the automatically selected authentication option and select a different default option for future logins in that browser by selecting “Other options”.  Then select the authentication method and device you would like to use and complete the authentication to save that method as the default.

List of authentication methods.

Replacing the “Remember Me for 30 days” checkbox option will be a question to “Trust this browser?”.  Select “Yes, trust browser” to allow the browser to remember your Duo credentials for 30 days.

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