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This is the process for the actual user that needs to be verified. The steps for supervisor confirmation can be found here.

Each year, the University of Georgia is required by USG Policy to reaffirm the necessity of user access to core information systems. Our compliance with this user account verification process is audited and reported to the Regents and to the State each year.

To prepare for this audit, EITS conducts an annual verification of user access for systems which house financial data.

These systems include:

  • The Banner Student and Financial Aid System
  • The Financial Management System.
  • The Budget Management System,
  • UGAJobs
  • OneUSG Connect

If you have access to one or more of these systems, you may be asked to verify you still need access in the coming year, and your supervisor will need to approve that access.

If you are required to verify your access, you should receive an email asking you to do so.

This email will come from and contain instructions for completing user verification.

 User verification is completed in JIRA, a workflow tool. To begin, log into



Click Log In. You will need to log in with your MyID and use ArchPass to complete the log-in process.

To view which systems require you to you verify your access for the coming year, click Issues, then select My Open Issues.

Your open issues – the systems for which you need to verify access -- will be listed on the left in the order they’ve been updated. Select an issue.

If you scroll down the page, you’ll see the different roles you have the system. You may not have roles listed in every area. For example, here I have roles listed for the UGA Budget Management System and OneUSG Connect, but no roles for OneSource Financials.

To verify your continued access to a system, click the Confirm Access button at the top of the issue.

A pop-up window will appear. If you still require access to this system, select Yes, I require this access. If you no longer need access to this system for your job, select No, I no longer require this access. Do not select None. If you select None, you will not be able to complete the verification process.

After making your selection, your supervisor must also approve your selection. Type the MyID of your supervisor into the box provided. Then click Confirm Access.

The issue has now been sent to your supervisor for their approval. 

Once your supervisor approves your access, you will be granted access to these systems for another fiscal year. You will not receive an email notifying you your access has been approved, so it is recommended you check in with your supervisor to ensure the process has been completed.

Please Note:

If you have any further questions or get stuck in this process:

  • For Banner tools, please contact Access Services at 706-542-4000.
  • For the UGA Budget Management System, UGA Financial Management System, UGAJobs and OneUSG Connect, please contact the OneSource Service Desk at 706-542-0202, option 2, or by email

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