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Plan Ahead

Students, faculty and staff who are traveling outside of the U.S. have several options for using Duo.

We highly recommend enrolling in Duo prior to traveling.

Plan your options

Before your trip, plan which Duo authentication options you will use. See the Using ArchPass page for full descriptions of each option.

Enroll additional devices.

If possible, enroll two devices in case your primary device is  not available (lost, stolen, not with you, dead battery, not working, etc.).

Hardware Token?

If you plan to travel without a smartphone or tablet, consider taking a keychain token. For more information on keychain tokens, contact the EITS Help Desk (706-542-3106).

Remember the EITS Help Desk.

If you need to, you can phone the EITS Help Desk for an emergency bypass passcode. Add the EITS Help Desk phone number (706-542-3106) to your contacts list.

Consider Using Passcodes

Use the Duo Mobile app to generate passcodes

The Duo Mobile app can generate passcodes on a smartphone or tablet even if your phone is not connected to wifi or a cellular network.

You can test this functionality by switching your smartphone into Airplane mode, and then pressing the down arrow icon in the Duo Mobile app to generate a passcode.

Get passcodes via text message.

You will still need a cell phone connection, but a text message will often get through even when you have spotty data coverage.

You will receive a set of 10 passcodes in a single text message. The passcodes are good for 30 days. See the Enter a Passcode section of Using ArchPass Two-step Log In.

If you are only leaving the country for a brief period of time, you can use the SMS text option for authenticating. Choosing this option will generate a bank of 10 one-time use codes. Each code is good for 30 days and can be used once when logging in.

Add a Device for Traveling

If you have access to an international cell phone or landline, that phone can also be enrolled in Duo and used for authentication. You can enroll multiple devices, and Duo will work with most international phones.

Enroll the international phone ahead of time.

You'll need to authenticate using a device you have enrolled in Duo when you enroll the international phone. Do this before you leave if possible.

Use what works.

If the device you will use while traveling is a basic, non-smart phone, you can authenticate using a phone call or passcodes sent via text message. You can install the Duo Mobile app on a tablet without a phone number and use it to generate passcodes.

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