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If your phone number has not changed, you can reactivate the Duo Mobile app on your new device.

Before reactivating, follow the steps in the Pre-Enrollment Checklist for Smartphones and Tablets on the main ArchPass page. Then do the following:

  1. Go to the Self-Service Portal.
  2. Login with your MyID and password.

Use the “Call Me” option to authenticate.

After you have authenticated, select the device you wish to reactivate then click on the “Device Options” button. The Device Options drop down will open.

Select “Reactivate Duo Mobile”.

Confirm the correct device type is selected and click “Continue”. If you have changed your device type (switched from Apple to Android or vice versa) you can update it on this screen.

Confirm that you have the Duo Mobile app installed, then follow the steps to Activate Duo Mobile for your device. 

Scan the QR code on the next screen with your device.

A green check mark will appear on top of a greyed out version of the QR code in the Self-Service Portal. 

Click “Continue” to return to the My Settings & Devices page. Confirm that your default device is correct. You can change it by selecting a different device from the drop down menu.

The last step in setting up your device is deciding your preferred means of notification when receiving authentication requests. We recommend that you set Duo to ask you to choose your authentication method on a case per case basis. Different authentication methods may be easier or more secure to use at different times.

Always remember to logout of the Duo Self-Service Portal when finished. Logging out prevents unauthorized management of your devices in Duo.

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