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Welcome to UGA Summer Orientation 2016!

This article will capture basic info given to students and parents at orientation, as well as our most common questions. 

Become familiar with some of the basic services offered to UGA students, as well as info for parents, by viewing these Powerpoint presentations.

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of device should I purchase for my student?

We recommend modern laptops, desktops, and netbooks with Windows 7, Windows 8, or Mac OS 10.7 (Lion) or newer. Due to compatibility issues with many online services, we do not recommend tablet devices such as the iPad or Nexus 7 as the primary computing device.

Software requirements tend to depend on your student's college and major.

Should I buy a Mac or a PC?

This depends on personal preferences; you should purchase a computer with an operating system with which you or your student is most familiar. Both Windows and Mac OS are compatible with all online services offered by EITS.

We have additional tips on our computer buying guide.

What software should I buy for my student?

Most students do not need any special software during their time at UGA. All UGA students, faculty and staff have free access to the Microsoft Office Suite through their UGAMail account. Outside of this software, you may wish to check with your major college for any specialized software they recommend.

Where should I purchase a computer?

Most stores have educational discounts. The on-campus bookstore also offers hardware for students. Online stores also have specialized stores for students:

Where can I get my computer repaired?

The on-campus Bookstore offers computer repair services at a nominal fee. Please see their website here. There are also several off-campus options, including Best Buy and Simply Mac.

What residence halls on campus are wireless?

All residence halls on campus can access PAWS-Secure, the on-campus wireless system.

What should my student bring to campus for the Internet?

Students should bring a Cat-5e or Cat-6 ethernet cable for wired connections within their room. They do not need to bring a wireless router, switch or hub. These devices interfere with PAWS-Secure and are not needed to access wireless on campus. 

What kind of TV should my student bring for cable TV?

University Cablevision is UGA's all-digital cable TV provider. Students in the residence halls have access to University Cablevision.

Most TVs purchased since 2004 have digital converters and will work with University Cablevision. All televisions manufactured after 2007 are required to have digital receivers.

However, older televisions, and possibly some newer models, may not work with University Cablevision. Students should look for specific terms to learn if their TV will work on University Cablevision.

How do I access my UGAMail account?

You can access your UGAMail account by going to the following website:

  2. Click on the "Log into UGAMail" button.
  3. You will log into your account using your For example, if your MyID is jss12345, your UGAMail login username will be
  4. Enter your MyID password as the password.

You can change your UGAMail address (the address people can send messages to, and what they see when you sent them a message) here:

  2. Click on "Change "UGAMail address"

This process will allow you to have an email address like instead of (, please note, however, that this will not change your username. You will always log in with your and MyID password into your UGAMail account.

How do I disable file sharing on my Mac?

File sharing and discovery is on by default in many installations of OS X. To disable this:

  1. Click on the Apple icon in the upper left corner.
  2. Choose System Preferences
  3. Go to Sharing
  4. Disable Filesharing (and other services you feel should not be enabled--for the most part, none should be selected)

Where can I get your Student Guide?

The EITS Student Guide is available to view and download at

It includes an overview of most of the technology services you'll need to know about while at UGA.

Who are we?

EITS is the central information technology organization at the University of Georgia. The organization supports students, faculty and staff at the University of Georgia. Our goal is to help the UGA community use technology as a tool to enhance teaching and learning, research and public service at the University of Georgia. We offer this support through collaborations with colleges, departments and individual clients.

Divisions within EITS that work directly with students are listed below.

Help Desk

The EITS Help Desk provides technical support for students, faculty and staff for multiple online and on campus services. These services include UGAMail, MyUGA, Athena, eLearning Commons (eLC), as well as many other services that use the MyID. They are the central point of contact for most IT/computer related issues on campus, so they are the best place to start for assistance, including any of the groups below; if you or your student have a technology question, call us!

They also perform public outreach duties, such as the annual Computer Health and Security Fair, which provides free anti-virus scanning/removal and security assessment for students.

Student Technology Support

Student Technology Support, or STS as it is commonly known, is the division of EITS primarily responsible for internet access in all of the Residence Halls and Family Housing Units on campus. They assist students in setting up their internet connections, registering devices, and troubleshooting any internet connectivity/performance problems that might appear. STS also assists students connecting to PAWS-Secure. In addition to these responsibilities, STS also makes computing recommendations for incoming UGA students.

Information Security

Information Security, also known as InfoSec, manages computer and network security for the University of Georgia, including campus antivirus, firewalls and protection of sensitive data. They also perform public outreach, providing education, training and risk assessment services to the UGA campus.

Downloading on the Campus Network

Organizations such as the RIAA, MPAA, and RIAA monitor file-sharing networks for copyright infringing traffic. Make sure your student does not use any peer-to-peer file sharing programs (e.g. Bit Torrent, any modern Napster equivalent) to download copyrighted material on the campus network. This could lead to a DMCA violation.

Keep Your Account Safe

Never share your UGA MyID and password. EITS, nor other organizations, will ever ask for your MyID and password information. Use a secure password that cannot be easily guessed. Never send your password through email.

Keep Your Computer Safe

Remember to protect your computer from viruses. We recommend using Microsoft Security Essentials for Windows PCs and Sophos for Mac users.

Client Technology Support

Client Technology Support, or CTS is a campus-wide unit dedicated to providing UGA students and staff with access to UGA-shared computing services through open-use, instruction, and specialized computer labs. CTS labs are located throughout the UGA campus at the Miller Learning Center, Brumby Hall, Building 1516, Russell Hall, Rooker Hall, Rutherford Hall, Oglethorpe House, Creswell Hall and Family & Graduate Housing. Additional computer labs are located in the Main Library and Science Library.

List of Managed Labs and installed software:


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