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What is Student Accounts Website?

The Student Accounts website is where UGA students can view their account balance information and make payments.

How Do I Access the Student Accounts Website? (Students Only)

To access your student accountt:

  1. Log in to the MyUGA Portal at: and click on the "Athena Student Accounts" or log directly in to the Athena Website at:
  2. Once logged into Athena, click on the Student tab and then Student Account
  3. Click Access Student Account

IMPORTANT: There is a separate website for Parent and Authorized users access. For details on Parent Login, see the section below about Parent/Authorized Users. The above websites require MyID credentials that all current students should have. If you have trouble logging in as a student, please contact the EITS Help Desk.

Parents: How Do I Access My Student's Account? (Parent/Authorized Users Only)

Parents must use the Parent or Authorized User website to gain access and make payments on their student's account. This website does not use MyID credentials. Instead, it uses credentials set up by the student who has granted access to their account. The website is at:

Note: Parent login password resets can be done by clicking the "e-mail" link below the login screen

How Do I Authorize Another User to Pay My Student Account?

  1. Follow the above steps to access your Student Account

  2. Once in the TouchNet system, click "Authorized Users" at the top of the page
  3. Fill out the e-mail address for the user you would like to authorize along with the level of access you would like to grant them
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