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This guide will demonstrate how to set up your UGA e-mail account in Thunderbird to use IMAP.

This guide was made using Thunderbird 31.2.0. If you are using an older release, please update to the latest version.


  1. If you have no e-mail accounts in Thunderbird, you will be given the option to add a new account upon start up
  2. Alternately, click on the three horizontal lines on the top right side of Thunderbird. Select: "Options", then "Account Settings"
  3. On the bottom right of this new window, click on "Account Actions" and select "Add Mail Account..."
  4. Enter your name, UGA e-mail address (note this should be "your MyID" and not your alias), and password. Click Continue.
  5. Thunderbird will automatically configure your server settings. Leave IMAP selected. Click on "Manual config" to alter your server settings.
  6. Change your incoming server hostname to Change your outgoing server hostname to
  7. Click "Done". Thunderbird will now load your messages. This can take several minutes depending on how many messages you have.


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