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Office 365 Groups 

What are Office 365 Groups? 

Office 365 Groups are a collaboration suite that is equipped with a shared inbox for email conversations between members, a shared calendar for scheduling events related to the group, 1 TB of shared OneDrive space as a central place for the group to store and share files, and a shared OneNote notebook for gathering ideas, research, and information. 

Who is Eligible for Office 365 Groups? 

  • Office 365 Groups are available to UGA Departments and Units, as well as, recognized Student Organizations. 

How Do I Request an Office 365 Groups? 

  • Please submit a request via the form here.

How Do I Access Office 365 Groups? 

  • Office 365 Groups can be accessed via a web browser at: 

  • Office 365 Groups can be accessed via Outlook for Windows or OS X. 

  • Office 365 Groups can be accessed via Android, iOS or Windows phones or tablets.  

Who Do I Contact for Assistance? 

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