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Connecting your device

Wireless Networks

Throughout the classrooms and green spaces on campus, you will find several wireless options. 

PAWS-Secure is our primary wireless network available to UGA students, faculty, and staff.  If you have an active MyID, you are able to log into this service on any device that supports WPA2 Enterprise authentication.

Eduroam is a network available to UGA students, faculty and staff, as well as visiting students, faculty, and staff from schools that are participating in the eduroam program.  This is a worldwide program available in 70 countries around the globe.  To see if your school is a participant, please look here.

UGA_Visitors_Wifi is a network available for visitors and guests to the university. UGA_Visitors_Wifi has self-service portal that allows users to connect without contact the Help Desk for passwords. For more info about how to connect to UGA_Visitors_Wifi, please visit our Connecting as a Guest page.

UGA wireless networks do not support personal assistant devices, such as Amazon Echo, Google Home, Apple HomePod, Hue Bulbs, etc.

Devices in your residence hall room

In addition to providing wireless in your residence hall room, the University of Georgia also provides wired Ethernet connections.  If you are planning on streaming content or playing video games, it is highly recommended that you connect to the wired ports provided for the highest quality of service.  

Some devices are only able to connect via the wired network. These include, but are not limited to game consoles and smart TVs.  If you are planning on bringing either of these objects to campus, we recommend you purchase an Ethernet cord at least 10 feet long, or more, since the wall port may not be located where you want your device to be located.

Do not bring a wireless router, switch, hub or hot spot on campus. These devices interfere with our wireless networks and degrade the wifi service for everyone. Wireless printers also interfere with our networks. If you have a wireless printer, connect it to your computer via the USB port.

Connection Guides

Below are connections guide for wireless and wired connections where appropriate.

Connecting iPhone or iPad

Connecting Android phone or tablet

Connecting Apple Computers

Connecting Windows Computer

Connecting Game Consoles

Connecting Smart TVs

Connecting as a Guest

Gaming and streaming in the dorms

Wired vs Wireless

For best performance, we recommend a wired connection for both gaming and streaming.  Wireless connections can become oversaturated due to the number of users and devices in the area, which can negatively impact performance.  This can cause buffering or lower resolutions in streaming services, lag-spikes and latency in gaming.

Issues with in-game voice chat

Some games that support in-game voice chat have issues with our network configuration.  We have a form here that you can fill out that will let us resolve this issue for you.

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