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Owners of UGAMail Security and Distribution Groups can modify the group’s ownership and membership (as well as group settings) using the Outlook Web App in their web browser.

Log into your UGAMail account in your web browser.  When your account opens, click on settings (the Gear icon), and select Mail from the drop down list.

When the Options window opens, expand General and select Distribution groups.

When the Distribution groups window opens look under the Distribution groups I own column on the right-hand side of the window for the distribution group for which you want modify the ownership or membership.

Select the distribution group to be edited and click on the Pencil icon to edit the settings for the selected distribution group.

When the Settings window for the selected distribution group opens select Ownership to add/remove distribution group owners or select Membership to add/remove distribution group members.  Click the + icon to add new owners or members or click the icon to remove current owners or members.

Clicking the + icon will open a window displaying a search window for UGAMail directory from which new group owners/members are selected.

    1. Type the name or email address into the search box and click the magnifying glass to locate the new owner/membership.
    2. Click the + icon to the right of the name of selected user to add them to the ownership/membership of the distribution group.
    3. Click Save in the upper left-hand corner of the window to save the change.

When the Distribution Group window reappears, click the Save button to save and close the group’s settings window.

When the Options windows reappears, click the Options link to return to your UGAMail mailbox.

NOTE:  If the individual is hidden from the UGAMail Directory because they have invoked their FERPA privacy protections, you will not be able to add them via the method above.  Those individuals will have to be added by the UGAMail team.  Please submit a request via




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