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Can I install this software on an older version of Windows?

Windows XP Service Pack 3 (SP3) supports only the 32-bit edition of Office 2010.

Windows XP 64-bit does not support any edition of Office 2010.

Microsoft Office ProPlus 2013 is compatible with Windows 7Windows 8 and 8.1

Windows Vista is not compatible with the latest version of Microsoft Office. However, you can still download Microsoft Office ProPlus 2010 for free. Beneath the section titled "Install the latest version of Office", you will see an area titled “Not ready to install the latest version of Office?”. There you will find a link to download and install Office ProPlus 2010 which is compatible with Windows Vista.

You can find a full list of system requirements for Office ProPlus 2013 here and Office ProPlus 2010here.

How do I save files on my Android or iPhone version of the Office application?

Microsoft Office Mobile does not allow local saving-you cannot save files directly to your device-and must be saved to OneDrive. At this time, saving is only supported by Microsoft Consumer Accounts; your organizational account (UGAMail) will not allow for saving with OneDrive.

  • Sign Up for a free Microsoft Account. Or, you may use an existing Microsoft Account (e.g. Hotmail, Xbox Live, OneDrive, etc.).


Is this available to retired employees?

No. This service is only available to active employees, as specified by the University's license with Microsoft.

How long can I use Office 365 Pro Plus?

As long as you are a current student or are eligible to enroll into the University of Georgia, you can use all features of the Office software. Two semesters after you leave the university, your Office 365 Pro Plus will switch to read-only mode (you can read documents, but not save or edit them).

After an employee leaves the University, they will no longer have full functionality of their Office ProPlus software within 30 days of their departure. They may decide to purchase Office ProPlus on their own. 

What if I already have Office 2016?

If you have already purchased the latest version of Office for Mac or Windows, you do not need to install this software.

Why is it asking for a product key?

If Office is requesting a product key to activate, you are not currently signed in. Choose "sign in" and log in with your MyID and password.

Why does OneDrive keep asking me to sign-in from Microsoft Office on my Mac?

Some Microsoft Office users may experience an issue where they are prompted to enter a user name and password to sign into OneDrive whenever saving or opening a document. The password is then rejected and the user is prompted to enter their information again. Follow these steps to remedy this issue:

  1. Visit and sign into your e-mail account.
  2. Once you've signed into your e-mail, please click on the grid icon in the top left corner of the screen next to the words "Office 365".
  3. Please select OneDrive from the menu that opens. Follow the prompts to establish your OneDrive account.

After establishing the account in this manner, Microsoft Office should now accept the user name and password combination for your account when connecting with OneDrive.

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