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Download a PDF copy of this guide here.

Pre-enrollment checklist for smartphones and tablets

Before using ArchPass with the Duo application on your smartphone or tablet, you should:.

1. Make sure your App Store (iTunes, Google Play or the Windows Store) is properly configured on your device.

2. Download the Duo Mobile application to your device.

For iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch devices:

  • Launch the iTunes Store on your phone or tablet and search for the “Duo Mobile” app by Duo Security, Inc.
  • Select “Free” and then tap “Install” to download the app
  • Tap “OK” again when asked if DUO Mobile should be able to send push notifications

For Android Devices:

  • Open the Google Play Store app on your phone and search for the “Duo Mobile” app by Duo Security, Inc.
  • Install the Duo Mobile app
  • You will have to tap “OK” when asked if Duo Mobile should be able to send push notifications 

For Windows Phones:

  • Open the Windows Store on your phone and search for the “Duo Mobile” app by Duo Security, Inc.
  • Install the Duo Mobile app
  • You will have to tap “OK” when asked if Duo Mobile should be able to send push notifications 

Enrollment instructions

You can set up access by going to the Duo Self-Service Portal

Select the "Start setup" button to begin the Duo setup process on your device.

On the next screen you will be prompted to select the type of device you want to enroll in Duo. A smartphone is the recommended device type; however you may opt to use a tablet, basic cell phone or even a land line. Our example features smartphone set up, which is virtually identical to setup on a tablet.

Adding a backup device is recommended for those times when the device you regularly use is unavailable.

Once you have selected your device you may continue to the next screen, where you will be prompted to select your location and enter your telephone number.

After entering your telephone number you will be prompted to confirm that the phone number is correct. 

After confirming your phone number, you can continue to the next setup screen where you will select the type of phone you are enrolling. 

Next, you will be instructed to get and install the Duo Mobile app that is appropriate to your particular device. Follow the installation directions for your device.

When you have successfully installed the Duo Mobile app on your device, you will need to confirm the installation.

To confirm the installation, click on the "I have Duo Mobile installed" button.

Note:If you have enrolled a landline phone or cellphone, you will not be prompted to install and activate the Duo Mobile app. 

After you have confirmed installation of the Duo Mobile App, you will move on to the activation page. You will be instructed to open the Duo Mobile App and tap the “+” symbol.

You will then be prompted to scan a QR code. You will have the option to receive an activation link via email if you prefer. Follow the instructions in the email if you choose this option.

You need to choose only one of the two activation methods: you do not need to do both.

Use your device to scan the activation QR code.

From there you will go to the QR code confirmation page, where a large green check mark will appear over a grayed-out QR code to indicate that you have successfully activated the Duo Mobile app. 

The last step in setting up your device is deciding your preferred means of notification when receiving authentication requests. We recommend that you set Duo to ask you to choose your authentication method on a case per case basis. Different authentication methods may be easier or more secure to use at different times.

When using the Duo Self-Service Portal, the final enrollment screen displays all your enrolled devices. (Our example shows three enrolled devices - a smartphone, an iOS tablet and an office landline.)

The default device has been selected - entering a method in the second password field will send phone, push and sms authentication notices to your default device. 

Always remember to logout of the Duo Self-Service Portal when finished. Logging out prevents unauthorized management of your devices in Duo.

I enrolled in Duo - what now?

Once you are enrolled in Duo you will use it along with ArchPass for logging in to certain protected systems, such as the Remote Access VPN. You can find instructions for using ArchPass powered by Duo to log in to these systems on the Remote Access VPN page or in the How to Use ArchPass powered by Duo documentation.

You can visit the ArchPass FAQ for answers to common questions about logging in, using ArchPass Duo and known problems.

If you have questions or require assistance with ArchPass Duo contact the EITS Help Desk by emailing or by calling 706-542-3106. 

How do I switch my Duo enrollment to a new device?

If your phone number has not changed, you can activate your new phone using the Duo Self-Service PortalYou can find complete instructions here.

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