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Before You Begin

  • Note that standard phone call and text message rates apply when using a non-smart cell phone for ArchPass two-step login.
  • We recommend that you enroll both a primary and back-up method in Duo. You can enroll more than two phone numbers.

Enroll a Landline Phone

Go to for more information on ArchPass and to get started. Or go to the Duo Self-Service Portal.

If this is your first time enrolling a device, click Start setup

On the Enter your phone number screen:

    • Enter your phone number.
    • If you selected Landline on the previous screen, you will have the option to enter an extension.
    • Click the checkbox to verify it is the correct number.
    • Click Continue.

Note: If you selected the landline phone option, you have finished the enrollment steps.

Enroll a Non-Smart Cell Phone

To enroll a Non-Smart Cell Phone select Mobile phone and click Continue. 

Enter your phone number, click the box to verify it is the correct number and then Click Continue.

On the “What type of Phone” screen, select Other (and cell phones), then click Continue.   


You have finished enrolling.

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