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This guide will help you configure your Gmail account to check UGAMail using POP3. This is different from forwarding;if you are having problems with the forward on your account please see the article Forwarding Your Account.


  1. First, log into your Gmail account.
  2. Click on the Gear in the upper right hand corner and then Settings .
  3. Select the Accounts and Import tab.
  4. Under Check mail using POP3 and Send mail as, remove (click on Delete) any UGAMail accounts (i.e.
  5. Click on Add POP3 email account
  6. In the setup window that appears, enter your UGA email address.
  7. Click on the Next Step button.
  8. Fill in the appropriate information in to the fields:
    • For Username, enter your full UGA email address
    • Under Password, type in your MyID password
    • Under the POP Server, if you have a pulldown menu, select Other..." at the bottom. Fill in POP Server with and choose the port number 995
    • If you want to keep a copy of the message at UGAMail, place a check next to this option.
    • Place a checkmark next to Always use a secure connection (SSL) when retrieving mail.
    • The other two selections are optional.
  9. Click on the Add Account button.
  10. Once the account has been successfully added, you can choose to send mail from this account (messages will appear to come from as well. If you wish to do this, select Yes and click on the Next Step button.
  11. Fill in your first and last name in the Name field.
  12. Click Next
  13. Select Send mail through SMTP servers
  14. In the SMTP Server field, enter with the port 587
  15. Enter your full UGA email address in the Username field.
  16. Type in your MyID password in the Password field.
  17. Select Secured connection using TLS (recommended)
  18. Click on Add Account
  19. Log into your UGA email account and look for the verification code email from Gmail (follow the instructions for either method of verification).
  20. Your account should begin receiving mail from UGAMail!
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