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Verification process:

1) You will get an email like the sample below asking to verify your Departmental MyID account. Note: The email will be from EITS Access Services <> a legit sender as the verification process uses TeamDynamix a hosted web application EITS uses for ticketing.

2) Click the link within the email "Click here to verify ownership of your Departmental MyID account" to get a list of choices to choose from.

3) Once you select the choice relevant to the information provided from the ticket to be verified, you will given a comment box to type in your comments. Provide comments and click save. Your comments will be sent to EITS Access Services for review. 

4) Once saved, the page will refresh with "step updated". The status will show a blue check mark, shown in the yellow circle below, along with your comment in the feed. Your actions are complete and you may close this window. EITS Access Services may reach out to you in email if any other correspondence is required.

If in Step 2 you clicked the link "Verify ownership of your Departmental MyID by November 24":

You will be given the ticket details of the Departmental MyID verification. Some of this ticket information is for TeamDynamix use and may be ignored like the red strikes in the example below. The only data EITS Access Services is wanting to be verified is in the black box. Click the link in the yellow circle to return to the choices. Got back to step 2 in these directions above.

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