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For guests and visitors to the University of Georgia offers a self-service wifi network, UGA_Visitors_Wifi. Guests can connect to this network through a self-service portal without contacting the Help Desk for a password. 

Game consoles, smart televisions, and other similar devices are unable to connect to this network.

Connecting to UGA_Visitors_Wifi

  1. Navigate to the Wi-Fi settings area of the device you're trying to connect, and select UGA_Visitors_Wifi from the list. 
  2. After selecting UGA_Visitors_Wifi, your device should open up a web browser for you to sign into. If it does not do this automatically, navigate to your web browser and try to access a website of your choosing. The browser should automatically redirect to our access portal.
  3. You should see two options for gaining authorization on this network: email or SMS text, A verification code will be sent to you via one of these options. 
  4. Choose your verification options, enter the appropriate contact information and proceed to the next page. You will receive a verification code via email or text, which you must enter into the box provided. You are now connected to the network.
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