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Your MyID is assigned to you and cannot be changed. However, you can rename their UGA email address (while keeping their address deliverable).

Changing your Default Reply to Email Address

Go to using your web browser

Click on the Change UGAMail address link.

You will be asked to authenticate with your MyID and MyID password.

When the Change Your UGAMail Address page loads you will see the proxy addresses applied to your mailbox and what the current default reply to address for the mailbox is.

Click the button next to the email address desired as the default reply to address for your UGAMail mailbox.

    1. This will be updated in the UGA Identity Management System and the email address attribute change will be synchronized to UGAMail within 45 minutes to an hour.
    2. A request will also be sent to the UGA Listserv service to update the UGA Listserv subscriptions of the user to the newly selected default reply to email address.

UGA Listserv Caveats:

NOTE #1:  UGA Listserv is an email-based mailing list system that only knows its authorized subscribers by their email address.  When users change their default reply to address, they will continue to receive UGA Listserv list emails, but will be unable to post to those lists until the subscription is updated to the new email address selected.

NOTE #2:  This issue will also exist with our mailing lists that are not hosted by UGA.  There is no automated way to update those subscriptions, and the user will have to use the updating mechanism provided by the mailing list provider.

NOTE #3:  The solution to update the user’s email choice only updates their subscriptions for those discussion lists.  It cannot update the owner’s email address for any discussion lists that they own.  They will need to login to with the email address assigned as the owner for their discussion lists.  For more information on the UGA Listserv Service, please see the EITS Help Desks documentation for the service -






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