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What is Bulldog Bucks?

Bulldog Bucks is an online account based debit card program offered to the campus community. Bulldog Bucks are accepted as payment at the Bookstore, Food Services Retail Operations, and at several other on-campus retail sites. In addition, Bulldog Bucks may be used to pay for copying, printing, vending, and laundry services in the residence halls. Credit may be added via the web, or in person at specific locations across campus.


What Can Bulldog Bucks be Used For?

On Campus

Bulldog Bucks may be used to pay for the following:

  • Printing in computer labs and the libraries (sometimes we get calls from people in different labs using "PHAROS" for printing. EITS has no control over these issues, and we send them to bulldog bucks support).
  • Photo copying
  • Laundry in Residence Halls
  • Bookstore Purchases
  • Open Campus Retail including:
    • College of Education Supplies
    • Food Services cash operations
    • UGA Golf Course
    • Library Fees and Fines
    • Parking Services Parking Lot E03 (Pay by Space lot)
    • Ramsey Center Services
    • School of Environmental Design Supplies
    • Tate Center Movie Theater
    • Tate Center Game Room
    • Tate Center Copy Services
    • Vending (80 Coke & Snack machines on campus)

Off Campus

In addition, Bulldog Bucks is accepted at more than 95 Off Campus Locations. A complete listing of these off-campus merchants can be found here:


Bulldog Bucks FAQ

Their official FAQ:


How Do I Get a Bulldog Bucks Account?

Once you have a valid UGACard, you'll need to visit the Bulldog Bucks Office in person. It's located in the University Bookstore Building.


How Do I Add Credit to my Bulldog Bucks Account?

You may add credit to your Bulldog Bucks account in several different ways.

Adding Credit Online

The easiest way to add credit to your account is by going to which is also available to account holders for viewing account activity.


What do they support/Why would I call them?

  • Pharos
  • pay for print


Contacting the Bulldog Bucks Office

Via E-mail

Via Telephone

706 542-8257

Reporting Issues with Online Application/Adding Funds

Contact during normal business hours

  • Todd Cutshaw: 706-542-7597
  • Clare Cooley: 706-542-9783

Contact during nights and weekends

  • Todd Cutshaw:
    • Home: 706-546-9010
    • Cell: 706-296-6980
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