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What is Administrative Systems Access Services?

Access Services is a unit within EITS that provides Campus Wide Access (CWA) to the University administrative systems developed for the VP for Finance and Administration and the VP for Student Affairs. This includes systems like:

  • IMS (Information Management System), and TSO
  • Payroll, QMF (Query Management Facility), and ARROW (Administrative Report Retrieval Over the Web)

System access is coordinated through data custodians, individuals who represent each of the administrative areas being accessed. Secure access to this data is maintained through client education, data custodian procedures and user identification (UserID) controls.

Access to these administrative data systems is granted on a "need to know" basis related to an employee's responsibilities within his/her department at the University.


Contacting Access Services

  • Phone: 706-542-4000
  • Website:

Forgotten Username or Password for an Administrative System

Call Access Services at 706-542-4000 for assistance with accessing the above services.

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